8/15/2026 is
Assumption of Mary

Christian holiday commemorating the belief that the Virgin Mary was assumed into heaven, body and soul. A public holiday in many predominantly Catholic countries.

Assumption of Mary is a Catholic holiday that is celebrated on August 15th. It commemorates the belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was assumed bodily into heaven at the end of her earthly life.

The history of the Assumption of Mary dates back to the early days of Christianity, when the belief in Mary's assumption began to take shape. The holiday was officially recognized by the Catholic Church in the 6th century, and it has been celebrated ever since.

Today, the Assumption of Mary is celebrated in different ways throughout the world. There may be special masses or other religious ceremonies in Catholic churches, while some communities may hold parades or other public events.

One of the most important traditions of the Assumption of Mary is the belief that Mary's assumption represents a sign of hope for all humanity. It is a reminder that, even in the face of suffering and death, there is hope for eternal life and salvation.

The Assumption of Mary is also a time to reflect on the role of Mary in the Christian faith. She is seen as a model of faith, humility, and obedience, and her life is an example of how one can live a life of service and devotion to God.

Overall, the Assumption of Mary is an important holiday in the Catholic Church. It is a time to celebrate the life and legacy of Mary, as well as the hope and faith that she represents for believers around the world.

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