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July 10, 2024 Holiday:

National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day is a joyous celebration dedicated to the adorable, cuddly, and playful bundles of fur that bring so much happiness to our lives. This special day is all about showering kittens with love, attention, and care, while also raising awareness about the importance of adopting from shelters and rescuing those in need. Many animal lovers and organizations use this day to promote kitten adoption, share heartwarming stories, and showcase the unique personalities of these little balls of fluff. It's a purrfect excuse to spoil your own kitten or visit a local shelter to spend time with these precious creatures. Overall, National Kitten Day is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the joy and companionship that kittens bring to our lives.

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Holidays on July 10, 2024:
Birthdays on July 10:

Jessica Simpson

44 Years Old

A multi-talented celebrity who rose to fame with her pop music and reality TV shows, and later became a successful fashion entrepreneur. Known for her catchy songs, iconic music vi...

Sofía Vergara

52 Years Old

A talented actress and producer, known for her vibrant roles in popular TV shows like Modern Family and films like Chasing Papi, as well as her entrepreneurial ventures.

Joe Shuster

Died in 1992, aged 78

Co-creator of the iconic superhero Superman, known for bringing the character to life through illustrations. This legendary figure has left an indelible mark on the world of comics...

Antonio Brown

36 Years Old

A talented yet controversial wide receiver known for his incredible athleticism and impressive stats, but also for his off-field antics and drama.

Ronnie James Dio

Died in 2010, aged 67

Legendary heavy metal vocalist and songwriter behind iconic bands like Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Dio, known for powerful vocals and fantasy-themed lyrics.

Neil Tennant

70 Years Old

Lead vocalist and keyboardist of the iconic synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys, renowned for catchy hits like "West End Girls" and "It's a Sin".

Herbert Boyer

88 Years Old

Co-founder of Genentech, a pioneer in genetic engineering, revolutionizing biotechnology and medicine through groundbreaking DNA research and development.

Arlo Guthrie

77 Years Old

Folk music legend and counterculture icon, known for his witty storytelling and iconic song "Alice's Restaurant Massacree", which became an anthem for the 1960s anti-war movement.

Nikola Tesla

Died in 1943, aged 86

A pioneering engineer who harnessed the power of alternating current (AC) to transform the world's electrical systems, and is credited with developing groundbreaking technologies l...

David Brinkley

Died in 2003, aged 82

A renowned news anchor and correspondent who reported on significant historical events, including World War II and the Kennedy assassination, and was a pioneer of television journa...

Alice Munro

Died in 2024, aged 92

A renowned Canadian literary icon, celebrated for crafting poignant, introspective short stories that explore the complexities of human relationships and the female experience.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Died in 2009, aged 88

Co-founder of the Special Olympics, a global sports organization empowering people with intellectual disabilities through athletic competition and inclusive communities. Known for ...

Events from History on July 10:
81 years ago
Allied forces launch massive invasion of Sicily (Sicily, Italy) 1943
As the Allies' most ambitious military operation yet, a sprawling armada of over 3,000 ships and 1,800 aircraft converged on the sun-kissed shores of Sicily, signaling the start of Operation Husky. This daring campaign, orchestrated by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, saw a combined force of American, British, and Canadian troops storm the island, determined to wrest control from German and Italian forces. The ultimate prize: a foothold in Axis-controlled Europe, paving the way for the eventual push into Italy.
812 years ago
The Great Fire of London rages, destroying the city (London, England, UK) 1212
The medieval metropolis was in chaos as flames engulfed the timber-framed houses, thatched roofs, and narrow alleys of London, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The fire, which raged on July 10, 1212, was the most devastating of several early fires to hit the city, laying waste to a significant portion of it. Panicked residents scrambled to salvage what they could, but the rapidly spreading inferno proved unstoppable, reducing much of London to smoldering ruins. The exact cause of the blaze remains unknown, but its impact on the city's rebuilding and growth is still felt today.
84 years ago
Vichy government established in Nazi-occupied France (Vichy, France) 1940
The Vichy regime, with Marshal Philippe Pétain at the helm, is officially born in France, marking a dark chapter in the country's history. Pétain, a revered military leader, had previously negotiated an armistice with the Nazis, effectively dividing France into occupied and unoccupied zones. Now, as chief of state, he's tasked with governing the unoccupied zone, while collaborating with the occupying powers. This new government, with its capital in Vichy, is characterized by a facade of autonomy, but in reality, it's heavily influenced by the Nazi war machine. The French people are torn between resistance and collaboration, setting the stage for a tumultuous period of occupation, rebellion, and liberation.
99 years ago
High school teacher John Scopes accused of teaching evolution (Rhea County Courthouse, Dayton, Tennessee, 37321, USA) 1925
In the sleepy town of Dayton, Tennessee, a battle royale erupts as John T. Scopes, a young high school science teacher, takes center stage in the infamous "Monkey Trial." Accused of violating the Butler Act by daring to teach evolution, Scopes finds himself at the epicenter of a national controversy that pits faith against science. As the prosecution, led by three-time presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan, faces off against Clarence Darrow, the renowned defense attorney, the trial becomes a spectacle that captivates the nation. Will Scopes be convicted of heresy, or will he emerge victorious in the fight for intellectual freedom?
77 years ago
Muhammad Ali Jinnah recommended as Pakistan's Governor-General (London, United Kingdom) 1947
Clement Attlee, the British Prime Minister, made a historic move by recommending Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League, as the first Governor-General of Pakistan. This pivotal decision marked a crucial step towards the creation of Pakistan, a separate homeland for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. Jinnah, a charismatic leader, would go on to play a vital role in shaping the new nation's destiny.
84 years ago
German Blitzkrieg targets British maritime convoys (English Channel, United Kingdom) 1940
The German war machine shifts into high gear as the Luftwaffe launches a series of relentless attacks on British maritime convoys, code-named Kanalkampf. These air raids mark the beginning of the Battle of Britain, a pivotal clash that will determine the fate of Western Europe. Adolf Hitler's strategy is to gain air superiority, then launch Operation Sea Lion, a massive invasion of Britain. But first, the German bombers must cripple the British Navy's supply lines, which is exactly what they're trying to do with these coordinated strikes. The British, however, are no pushover, and the battle for air supremacy has only just begun.
Notable Deaths on July 10:
1989Mel Blanc Iconic American voice actor, lending his voice to beloved cartoon characters.
2015Omar Sharif Iconic Egyptian actor and singer
1978John D. Rockefeller III Successful businessman and philanthropist, founder of the Asia Society and dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding
1987John Hammond Visionary American music producer, who played a crucial role in shaping the music industry.
1851Louis Daguerre French inventor who pioneered photography
1979Arthur Fiedler Renowned American conductor, celebrating a long and distinguished career in classical music
1559Henry II Famous French monarch with a lasting impact on French history
2020Jack Charlton Legendary footballer and manager who captained the English national team to World Cup victory.
2020Lara van Ruijven Speedy Dutch athlete and sports competitor
2003Winston Graham noted English author of historical fiction
1941Jelly Roll Morton Renowned American jazz pianist and composer who pioneered the genre.
2008Hiroaki Aoki Japanese-American entrepreneur, founder of Benihana restaurants
2018Henry Morgenthau III Gifted American author, producer, and storyteller
1863Clement Clarke Moore American author who wrote influential children's books
2012Dolphy Filipino actor, singer, and producer, active in the entertainment industry
2008Mike Souchak American golfer, competing in professional tournaments
2007Doug Marlette American cartoonist and author, known for his humorous illustrations
1993Sam Rolfe Talented American screenwriter and producer, leaving a lasting impact on the film industry.
2014Zohra Sehgal talented Indian actress, dancer, and choreographer
2014Robert C. Broomfield influential American lawyer and judge