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July 11, 2024 Holiday:

Free Slurpee Day

Free Slurpee Day is a beloved annual celebration where 7-Eleven convenience stores give away free small Slurpees to customers. This sweet treat is a refreshing way to beat the heat, and fans of the frozen drink look forward to it all year long. On this special day, Slurpee enthusiasts flock to their local 7-Eleven to grab their complimentary drink and enjoy it with friends and family. It's a fun and festive tradition that's all about spreading joy and cooling off with a cold, fruity drink.

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Holidays on July 11, 2024:
Birthdays on July 11:

Giorgio Armani

90 Years Old

Founded the iconic fashion brand, revolutionizing menswear with sleek, modern styles and red-carpet glamour. Known for dressing celebrities and world leaders, epitomizing luxury an...

Tom Holland

81 Years Old

A talented artist who has directed and written screenplays, but is most famous for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's the youngest actor to play the web-slin...

Richie Sambora

65 Years Old

Lead guitarist and songwriter for Bon Jovi, known for hits like "Livin' on a Prayer" and "Wanted Dead or Alive".

E. B. White

Died in 1985, aged 86

A celebrated author of timeless children's classics, such as Charlotte's Web, and a master of elegant, humorous essays that explore the human condition.

Justin Chambers

54 Years Old

Star of the hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy, playing the iconic role of Dr. Alex Karev, and known for his versatility in film and television.

Lil' Kim

49 Years Old

A trailblazing female rapper and producer who rose to fame in the late 1990s with her provocative lyrics and bold style, known for her debut album "Hard Core" and hits like "Hot Bo...

Patrick Peterson

34 Years Old

Star cornerback who has consistently dominated in the NFL, earning numerous Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest defensive players of his ...

Robert the Bruce

Died in 1329, aged 54

Led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence, ultimately securing a decisive victory at the Battle of Bannockburn and earning recognition as the country's rightful ki...

Alessia Cara

28 Years Old

Soulful voice and introspective songwriting have captivated audiences, earning numerous awards and nominations, including a Grammy for Best New Artist.

Lisa Rinna

61 Years Old

An American actress and talk show host, best known for her roles on TV shows like "Days of Our Lives" and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", as well as her outspoken personali...

Andre Johnson

43 Years Old

A dominant wide receiver in the NFL, known for his athleticism, sure hands, and impressive career statistics, earning him seven Pro Bowl selections.

Suzanne Vega

65 Years Old

A poetical folk-rock icon, known for introspective and poignant songwriting, often weaving vivid storytelling into her music.

Events from History on July 11:
235 years ago
Finance Minister's Dismissal Sparks French Revolution (Versailles, France) 1789
The French monarchy's financial woes had been building for years, and Jacques Necker, the popular Finance Minister, had been trying to implement reforms to salvage the economy. But on July 11, 1789, King Louis XVI, under pressure from the aristocracy, abruptly dismissed Necker, sparking widespread outrage among the common people. This perceived betrayal fueled the already simmering discontent, and the populace, feeling empowered by the National Assembly's recent declaration of sovereignty, took to the streets. The perfect storm of civil unrest, economic desperation, and Francis frei's revolutionary fervor culminated in the infamous Storming of the Bastille, marking the symbolic birth of the French Revolution.
84 years ago
Vichy France regime is established under Philippe Pétain. (Vichy, France) 1940
As Marshal Philippe Pétain assumed power, the once-proud French Republic crumbled, giving way to the Vichy France regime. This marked a dark chapter in French history, as Pétain's authoritarian government collaborated with Nazi Germany, sacrificing freedom and democracy. The aged war hero, once hailed for his bravery, now donned a dictator's cloak, crippling the nation's spirit.
220 years ago
Vice President Aaron Burr duels Alexander Hamilton, fatal results (Weehawken, New Jersey, 07086, USA) 1804
The intrigue! The drama! The tragedy! It's a story of hubris, honor, and handgun fire. Aaron Burr, the sitting Vice President of the United States, and Alexander Hamilton, the former Secretary of the Treasury, stood facing each other on the dueling grounds in Weehawken, New Jersey. The air was thick with tension as the two enemies finally settled their long-standing feud. Burr's shot would find its mark, striking Hamilton in the abdomen and ultimately proving fatal. The consequences of that fateful morning would send shockwaves across the young nation, cementing the duel as one of the most infamous events in American history.
619 years ago
Ming Admiral Zheng He Embarks on Historic Voyage (Nanjing, China) 1405
Zheng He, a Chinese mariner and explorer, readies his majestic fleet of 317 vessels and 27,800 crew, setting sail from the bustling port of Nanjing on a groundbreaking odyssey to explore the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and beyond. As the mighty fleet sets sail, the winds of change are blowing, signaling a new era of maritime discovery and cultural exchange that will forever alter the course of world history.
29 years ago
Bosnian Serb forces capture Srebrenica, sparking massacre (Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina) 1995
Bosnian Serb forces, led by General Ratko Mladić, stormed into the supposed UN-protected zone of Srebrenica, displacing Dutch peacekeepers and wreaking havoc on the predominantly Bosniak population. Over the next 11 days, they systematically rounded up and murdered an estimated 8,000 innocent Muslim men and boys, in what would become the worst massacre on European soil since World War II. The brutality was met with inaction from international powers, leaving the world to grapple with the weight of its inaction.
103 years ago
Former President Taft becomes 10th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court (Supreme Court Building, 1 First St NE, Washington, D.C. 20543, USA) 1921
William Howard Taft, the 27th President of the United States, made history by becoming the 10th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. In a unique blend of politics and law, Taft's new role marked a first in American history, as he became the only person to have held both the presidency and the chief justiceship. This extraordinary transition demonstrated Taft's adaptability and commitment to public service, as he traded in his presidential hat for a judicial robe. With his vast experience and understanding of the American legal system, Taft brought a unique perspective to the Supreme Court, shaping the country's legal landscape for years to come.
Notable Deaths on July 11:
2023Milan Kundera Czech writer and storyteller
1989Laurence Olivier Legendary English actor and director who brought characters to life
1937George Gershwin American composer, pianist, and songwriter
2015Satoru Iwata Innovative gamer and entrepreneur
2007Lady Bird Johnson Beautification pioneer Lady Bird Johnson brought a touch of elegance to public spaces.
2005Frances Langford Singer and actress Langford entertained audiences in stage and screen.
2014John Seigenthaler Influential journalist who told the truth
1994Gary Kildall Pioneer of the computer industry who revolutionized the field
1959Charlie Parker English cricketer, coach, and umpire
2020Frank Bolling American baseball legend and champion
1971John W. Campbell Pioneering journalist and author who covered some of the most significant events of his time
2014Tommy Ramone Rocking drummer who beat to his own drum
1999Helen Forrest Swing queen who dazzled audiences with her smooth, soulful voice
2014Bill McGill Elite athlete who dominated the hardwood
2005Gretchen Franklin Dance and drama came naturally to British performer Franklin.
2021Charlie Robinson American actor and performer
2021Renée Simonot French actress and performer
2009Reg Fleming Hockey great who thrived on the ice
2006John Spencer Skilled sportscaster and player Spencer lent his expertise to broadcasts.
2001Herman Brood Celebrated musician and painter, Brood's artistic talents transcended genres.