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July 12, 2024 Holiday:

National Pecan Pie Day

National Pecan Pie Day is a sweet celebration that honors the rich, nutty goodness of this beloved American dessert! This holiday is all about paying tribute to the classic Southern treat that's made with pecans, sugar, butter, eggs, and a hint of vanilla. Traditionally, families and friends gather to bake and share their own pecan pie creations, often with a twist of their own secret ingredients. It's a time to indulge in the warm, comforting flavors of the season and make memories with loved ones. Whether you're a pecan pie aficionado or just a fan of sweet treats, this holiday is the perfect excuse to get baking and enjoy the company of those around you!

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Holidays on July 12, 2024:

Etch A Sketch Day

Etch A Sketch Day, 7/12/2024: Unleash your creativity and get artistic with this iconic toy! more >>

National Eat Your Jell-O Day

National Eat Your Jell-O Day on 7/12/2024: Indulge in wiggly, jiggly treats and creative Jell-O molds with friends and family. more >>

Collector Car Appreciation Day

Collector Car Appreciation Day, 7/12/2024: Join car enthusiasts in honoring the beauty, history, and cultural significance of vintage and classic cars. more >>

Battle of the Boyne

Battle of the Boyne, 7/12/2024: Commemorating a pivotal moment in Irish and British history, this festive holiday honors heritage and cultural identity with parades, marching bands, and traditional attire. more >>

World Kebab Day

Discover the truth about World Kebab Day on July 12, 2024. Is it a real holiday or just a playful concept? more >>

National Michelada Day

National Michelada Day, July 12, 2024: Raise a glass to the unique flavor and cultural significance of this beloved Mexican beer cocktail. more >>

International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms

International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms, 7/12/2024: Learn how to mitigate the devastating effects of sand and dust storms on the environment, health, and economy. more >>

Simplicity Day

Simplicity Day, 7/12/2024: Re-evaluate priorities, simplify daily routines, and cultivate gratitude and contentment. more >>

Different Colored Eyes Day

Unique peepers unite! This celebration honors individuals with heterochromia iridum, a rare genetic trait that gives them eyes of different colors. It's a day to appreciate the beauty of imperfections and the special characteristics that make us who ... more >>

Birthdays on July 12:

Bill Cosby

87 Years Old

A legendary comedian and actor who revolutionized American television with his iconic sitcom, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Oscar Hammerstein II

Died in 1960, aged 65

A legendary lyricist and playwright who transformed American musical theater with iconic shows like Oklahoma! and The Sound of Music, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of enter...

Malala Yousafzai

27 Years Old

A courageous advocate for girls' education, particularly in her native Swat Valley, who survived a Taliban assassination attempt and continues to inspire global change through her ...

Brian Grazer

73 Years Old

Founded Imagine Entertainment, a powerhouse production company behind iconic films and TV shows like Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and 24, creating engaging stories that captivate g...

Richard Simmons

76 Years Old

A flamboyant fitness guru who popularized aerobics and weight loss through his iconic exercise videos and TV shows, inspiring millions to get moving and healthy.

Brock Lesnar

47 Years Old

A dominant force in the UFC and WWE, known for his intense fighting style and multiple championship titles. A crossover star with a strong presence in both mixed martial arts and p...

Ben Burtt

76 Years Old

Academy Award-winning sound designer and director behind iconic film sounds, including Darth Vader's breathing and lightsaber hums, revolutionizing the audio experience in cinema.

Pablo Neruda

Died in 1973, aged 69

A Chilean poet and diplomat who wrote passionate and evocative poetry that explored love, politics, and the human condition, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971.

Van Cliburn

Died in 2013, aged 78

A renowned pianist and composer who won the inaugural International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in 1958, earning international acclaim and recognition for his exceptional talent....

Amedeo Modigliani

Died in 1920, aged 35

An Italian artist famous for elongated, emotive portraits and nudes that blended primitivism with cubism, capturing the essence of his subjects with expressive simplicity.

Milton Berle

Died in 2002, aged 93

A beloved comedian and actor who brought laughter to millions through his pioneering TV shows and films, known as "Mr. Television" for his immense popularity in the 1950s.

Christine McVie

Died in 2022, aged 79

A legendary Fleetwood Mac member and songwriter behind hits like "Don't Stop" and "Little Lies", known for her soulful vocals and catchy keyboard melodies.

Events from History on July 12:
81 years ago
German and Soviet forces clash in massive tank battle (Prokhorovka, Kursk Oblast, Russia) 1943
In the scorching summer of 1943, the German and Soviet armies collided in a frenzy of steel and fire, as the Battle of Prokhorovka erupted into one of the largest armored engagements in history. On the sun-baked steppes of Prokhorovka, over 1,000 tanks from both sides clashed in a chaotic melee, spewing flames and smoke as far as the eye could see. The Germans, spearheaded by the elite II SS Panzer Corps, sought to crush the Soviet defenders and capture the strategic city of Kursk. But the Red Army, led by General Pavel Rotmistrov's 5th Guards Tank Army, was determined to hold its ground and repel the Nazi invaders. As the two titans clashed, the earth shook beneath their treads, leaving behind a trail of shattered armor, burning wrecks, and countless fallen soldiers. The battle would ultimately prove a decisive Soviet victory, but at a terrible cost in blood and steel.
235 years ago
Radical journalist sparks Bastille storming with fiery speech. (Palais-Royal, Paris, France) 1789
Camille Desmoulins, a radical journalist and fierce critic of the monarchy, takes to the streets to deliver a passionate speech in response to the dismissal of French finance minister Jacques Necker. His words ignite the crowd, and soon the people of Paris are marching towards the infamous Bastille prison, demanding its destruction. The citizens, fueled by revolution and desire for change, storm the symbol of royal tyranny, marking a pivotal moment in the French Revolution.
57 years ago
Riots erupt in Newark, New Jersey, amid police brutality claims (Newark, NJ, USA) 1967
In the sweltering summer heat, tensions simmering between the Newark Police Department and the city's African American community finally boiled over into chaos. A routine traffic stop of a black taxi driver, John Smith, by two white police officers escalated into a violent confrontation, leaving Smith severely beaten and sparking widespread outrage. As news of the incident spread, protests and demonstrations erupted into full-blown riots, with angry mobs clashing with police, looting businesses, and torching buildings. Over the next six days, 26 people would lose their lives, and hundreds more would be injured, as the National Guard was deployed to restore order in the devastated city.
333 years ago
William III's forces triumph in Ireland's Battle of Aughrim (Aughrim, County Galway, Ireland) 1691
William III's army, led by the Duke of Marlborough, clashed with the Jacobite forces of King James II in a bloody battle on the rolling hills of Aughrim, County Galway. The Williamite forces emerged victorious, dealing a crushing blow to the Jacobite cause. The Irish and French troops, under the command of Charles Chalmot, Marquis de Saint-Ruhe, fought valiantly, but were ultimately outmaneuvered and outnumbered. As the Jacobite lines crumbled, Saint-Ruhe fell in the chaos, marking a decisive turning point in the war. This pivotal victory paved the way for William III's dominance over Ireland and marked the beginning of the end of James II's claim to the throne.
18 years ago
Hezbollah Captures Israeli Soldiers, Sparking War (Lebanon) 2006
Hezbollah's cross-border raid into Israel sparked a devastating 34-day war, as its militant forces captured two Israeli soldiers, prompting a fierce response from the Israeli military. The surprise attack, aimed at securing the release of Lebanese prisoners, escalated into a brutal conflict that would claim thousands of lives, displace hundreds of thousands, and leave Lebanon's infrastructure in ruins. The conflict would also draw in international powers, further complicating the already volatile Middle East landscape.
833 years ago
Saladin's garrison surrenders to Philip Augustus, ending two-year siege of Acre. (Acre, Israel) 1191
The crusader king, Philip Augustus, finally breached the walls of Acre after a grueling two-year siege, forcing Saladin's garrison to lay down their arms. It was a major victory for the Christian forces, marking a crucial turning point in the Third Crusade. The siege of Acre was one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the crusade, with both sides suffering heavy casualties. Saladin's surrender was a significant blow to Muslim forces, and paved the way for further Christian conquests in the Holy Land.
Notable Deaths on July 12:
1804Alexander Hamilton Economist, general, and politician who shaped American history as Secretary of the Treasury
2010Harvey Pekar Cult comic book creator whose underground works redefined the medium
2020Kelly Preston American actress with iconic film roles and a charming smile
2013Amar Bose Visionary entrepreneur who revolutionized the audio industry with innovative sound technology
2008Tony Snow Renowned journalist who served as a trusted White House Press Secretary
1998Jimmy Driftwood Classic American singer-songwriter and musician
2008Bobby Murcer Baseball hero whose impressive stats fascinated fans
2013Alan Whicker Renowned journalist who shed light on the world's most pressing issues through his intrepid reporting
1973Lon Chaney Jr. American actor who showcased his versatility with his iconic characters
2020Wim Suurbier Dutch football legend with a storied career
2011Sherwood Schwartz TV legend who created beloved sitcoms and left a lasting impact
1999Rajendra Kumar Iconic Indian film actor and performer
2019Emily Hartridge English YouTuber spreading positivity and entertainment
2012George C. Stoney Pioneering filmmaker who brought the art of storytelling to life on screen
1947Jimmie Lunceford Jazz legend who electrified the world with his saxophone solos and iconic sounds.
1944Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Brave general and politician who fought for democracy and equality in the Americas.
2010James P. Hogan Visionary science fiction author who reimagined the future
1926Gertrude Bell Trailblazer in archaeology and espionage with a passion for uncovering ancient secrets.
2015D'Army Bailey Renaissance man who balanced advocacy, activism, and art with his legal prowess
2007Stan Zemanek Australian radio icon who entertained the nation