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July 8, 2024 Holiday:

National Ice Cream Sundae Day

National Ice Cream Sundae Day is a sweet celebration that brings people together to indulge in the creamy, dreamy treat we all know and love! On this special day, ice cream shops and enthusiasts alike go all out to create the most decadent, over-the-top sundaes imaginable, often featuring a mountain of whipped cream, a rainbow of sprinkles, and a cherry on top (of course!). It's a time to get creative with toppings, try new flavors, and share the joy of this beloved dessert with friends and family. Whether you're a classic hot fudge fan or a bold adventurer, National Ice Cream Sundae Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a sundae (or two, or three...)!

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Holidays on July 8, 2024:

National Video Game Day

National Video Game Day, 7/8/2024, join fellow gamers in marathon sessions, share memories, and explore the rich history of video games. more >>

Be a Kid Again Day

Be a Kid Again Day on 7/8/2024: Rediscover childhood joy, play games, ride bikes, and create unforgettable memories. more >>

National Blueberry Day

National Blueberry Day, July 8, 2024: Indulge in blueberry treats, learn about their history and benefits, and discover creative ways to incorporate them into your diet. more >>

Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year (7/8/2024): Reflect on faith, seek forgiveness, and renew commitment to Allah amidst acts of kindness and charity. more >>

Muharram/Islamic New Year

Muharram, the Islamic New Year, marks a new beginning with reflection, prayer, and self-improvement, commemorating Imam Hussein's martyrdom. more >>

National Freezer Pop Day

National Freezer Pop Day, July 8, 2024: Indulge in nostalgic, colorful treats and beat the heat with classic and unique flavors. more >>

National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day

Indulge in creamy milk chocolate and crunchy almonds on National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day, July 8, 2024, and discover new recipes and flavor combinations. more >>


SCUD Day, 7/8/2024: Discover the joy of unexpected surprises and serendipitous moments on this playful holiday, where happy accidents and unplanned adventures bring delight. more >>


Muharram: Commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his family at the Battle of Karbala, a period of mourning, reflection, and spiritual growth. more >>

Birthdays on July 8:

Kevin Bacon

66 Years Old

A talented actor and musician, known for his iconic roles in popular films like Footloose and Apollo 13, as well as his extensive music career.

Sophia Bush

42 Years Old

Star of hit TV shows like "One Tree Hill" and "Chicago P.D.", known for her versatile acting and directing skills.

Virgil van Dijk

33 Years Old

A dominant and highly skilled defender, known for his exceptional leadership and ability to read the game, leading Liverpool to Champions League victory in 2019.

Jeffrey Tambor

80 Years Old

An American actor and singer, best known for his iconic roles in TV comedies like Arrested Development and Transparent, earning him multiple Emmy Awards.

Milo Ventimiglia

47 Years Old

Star of TV dramas "Heroes" and "This Is Us", known for his emotional and nuanced portrayals of complex characters.

Anjelica Huston

73 Years Old

Academy Award-winning actress and director known for iconic roles in films like "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Addams Family," as well as her striking features and distinctive voice.

Toby Keith

Died in 2024, aged 62

Country music superstar and entrepreneur, known for patriotic anthems and chart-topping hits like "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" and "Should've Been a Cowboy".

Jaden Smith

26 Years Old

Son of Will Smith, known for his roles in films like "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Karate Kid," as well as his music and social media presence.


54 Years Old

Experimental musician blending folk, rock, and hip-hop to create eclectic, genre-bending soundscapes and lyrics that often explore themes of social isolation and existential crisis...

Wolfgang Puck

75 Years Old

Celebrity chef and entrepreneur, known for upscale restaurants and gourmet cuisine, bringing fine dining to the masses.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Died in 2004, aged 78

A pioneering psychiatrist who introduced the Five Stages of Grief, revolutionizing our understanding of death and dying. Her work continues to comfort and guide those coping with l...

John Pemberton

Died in 1888, aged 57

Creator of the iconic beverage Coca-Cola, revolutionizing the soft drink industry with a unique formula that remains a closely guarded secret to this day.

Events from History on July 8:
527 years ago
Vasco da Gama sets sail for India, pioneering a new trade route. (Port of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal) 1497
Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese explorer, embarked on a daring journey to find a direct route to India, finally breaking the Arab monopoly on the spice trade. With four small ships and a crew of 170 men, he braved the treacherous waters of the Atlantic, navigating through uncharted territories. This bold venture would not only change the course of trade and commerce but also open up new opportunities for European exploration and colonization. Da Gama's bravery and determination paved the way for a new era of globalization, connecting East and West like never before.
248 years ago
John Nixon reads Declaration of Independence to crowd (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) 1776
John Hancock's bold signature was still wet on the Declaration of Independence when John Nixon stepped forward to deliver the first public reading of the historic document. Church bells, possibly including the iconic Liberty Bell, clanged out the news to the eager crowd gathered in Philadelphia's Independence Square. It was a sweltering summer day, but the air was electric with excitement as Nixon's voice boomed out the words that would change America's fate. The Sons of Liberty and other patriots cheered, knowing they had just declared their freedom from British rule. It was a moment that would echo through the ages!
925 years ago
Christian Crusaders March on Jerusalem (Jerusalem, Kingdom of Jerusalem) 1099
Fifteen thousand starving Christian soldiers, fueled by religious fervor, encircle Jerusalem, their procession a defiant display of faith against the watching Muslim defenders. Led by princes, bishops, and knights, the Crusaders' determination to reclaim the Holy City is palpable, despite their own desperation and hunger. As they march, they sing hymns, pray, and brandish sacred relics, their procession a potent mix of devotion and intimidation. The siege has begun, and the fate of Jerusalem hangs in the balance.
315 years ago
Peter I's Russian army defeats Charles XII's Swedish forces (Poltava, Ukraine) 1709
In the scorching Ukrainian summer, Peter the Great's cunning tactics and superior numbers clashed with Charles XII's legendary bravery, marking a pivotal showdown that would forever reshape the European power landscape. The Battle of Poltava was a masterclass in adaptability, as the Russian army, bolstered by Polish and Ukrainian allies, employed novel strategies to counter the Swedish war machine. Charles XII's aggressive maneuvers were no match for Peter's clever deployment of artillery, fortifications, and cleverly orchestrated ambushes. As the dust settled, Sweden's once-unstoppable warlord lay wounded, his forces in disarray, and Russia emerged victorious, heralding a new era of Russian dominance.
264 years ago
British victory marks end of French rule in North America (Québec City, Québec, Canada) 1760
British Admiral Francis Saunders and General Jeffery Amherst led a formidable fleet against the French naval forces, culminating in a decisive victory on Lake Champlain. The defeat compelled French General François Gaston de Lévis to abandon Fort Île-aux-Noix, ultimately surrendering Montreal, and paving the way for British dominance in North America.
171 years ago
Perry's Black Ships arrive in Edo Bay, Japan (Edo Bay, Tokyo, Japan) 1853
Matthew Perry's squadron of "Black Ships" steamed into Edo Bay, Japan, marking a pivotal moment in history. The American Commodore's heavily armed vessels intimidated the isolated nation, forcing Japan to consider a trade treaty with the United States. With firepower and diplomacy, Perry aimed to pry open Japan's doors to global commerce, ending centuries of self-imposed seclusion. The Japanese, caught off guard, scrambled to respond to the unexpected visitors, setting the stage for a tectonic shift in Japan's international relations.
Notable Deaths on July 8:
2020Naya Rivera Talented American actress, singer, and performer with a captivating stage presence
2022Shinzo Abe Japanese statesman and reformer who transformed his country's economy and politics
2022Tony Sirico American actor known for his iconic performances as mobsters and tough guys
2011Betty Ford U.S. First Lady and breast cancer awareness advocate
2012Ernest Borgnine Acclaimed American actor with a seven-decade-long career in film and television.
1967Vivien Leigh Swiss-born French sporting icon
2018Tab Hunter Legendary American entertainer with a career spanning music, film, and writing
2015Ken Stabler An American football player and sportscaster who won the hearts of fans everywhere.
2002Ward Kimball Legendary Disney animator and trombonist
2011Roberts Blossom American actor and poet with a whimsical flair
1979Michael Wilding Leading English stage actor
1994Kim Il Sung Important North Korean leader and governing figure with significant political influence
1990Howard Duff Captivating actor, mesmerizing audiences for decades
1999Pete Conrad American astronaut and US Navy captain
2013Edmund Morgan A distinguished American historian and author who wrote extensively on the country's past.
2006June Allyson American actress and singer with a golden voice
2004Paula Danziger Beloved American author and educator
2022Larry Storch Iconic American comedian and actor beloved for his goofy charm and wit
2022Luis Echeverría Influential Mexican lawyer and politician who fearlessly advocated for justice and equality
2020Alex Pullin Globe-trotting Australian snowboarder who conquered the world's most extreme slopes