Celebration Holidays

It's time to party! These vibrant celebrations are all about coming together with loved ones, sharing delicious food and drinks, and making unforgettable memories. From lively parades to dazzling fireworks, these joyful holidays are the perfect excuse to let loose and celebrate life. Explore our collection of celebratory holidays below and get ready to party!

Top Celebration Holidays:

New Year's Eve

December 31st

New Year's Eve on 12/31/2024: Reflect on the past, set goals for the future, and join the countdown to midnight with fireworks, music, and champagne. more >>

National Ice Cream Day

July 20th

National Ice Cream Day, July 20, 2025: Indulge in creamy treats, special deals, and unique flavors on this sweet holiday! more >>

National Champagne Day

December 31st

National Champagne Day on December 31st, 2024: Raise a glass to the art of champagne-making and indulge in the luxurious world of sparkling wine. more >>

Boss's Day

October 16th

Boss's Day (10/16/2024) - Show appreciation for your supervisor's hard work and dedication with gifts, notes, and treats, strengthening workplace relationships and boosting morale. more >>

Walt Disney Day

December 2nd

Walt Disney Day: Learn why this holiday doesn't exist and discover Disney-related celebrations instead. more >>

World Martini Day

June 15th

Join us on World Martini Day, June 15, 2024, as we toast to the art of mixology and explore the endless possibilities of this beloved cocktail. more >>

Happy Hour Day

November 12th

Join us on Happy Hour Day, November 12th, 2024, for a day of laughter, stories, and delicious drinks with friends and colleagues. more >>

International Beer Day

August 7th

International Beer Day, August 7, 2026: Join beer enthusiasts worldwide in toasting brewers, trying new flavors, and making unforgettable memories. more >>

"Happy Birthday to You" Day

June 27th

No "Happy Birthday to You" Day on 6/27/2024, but discover the truth behind this iconic phrase and get birthday inspiration! more >>

Global Champagne Day

October 25th

Global Champagne Day on 10/25/2024: Join champagne enthusiasts worldwide in toasting the art of champagne-making, rich history, and luxurious experience. more >>

National Boss Babe Day

May 22nd

National Boss Babe Day, 5/22/2025, honoring strong, ambitious women who are crushing it in their careers and personal lives. more >>

National Cotton Candy Day

December 7th

National Cotton Candy Day on 12/7/2024: Indulge in fluffy, sugary treats, unique flavors, and colorful displays. more >>

Chadwick Boseman Day

November 29th

No data. more >>

National Smile Day

May 31st

National Smile Day, May 31, 2025: Spread happiness and positivity by flashing your brightest smile and connecting with others. more >>

National Sundae Day

November 11th

National Sundae Day, November 11, 2024: Indulge in decadent treats, unique creations, and sweet memories with friends and family. more >>

National Cosmopolitan Day

May 7th

National Cosmopolitan Day, 5/7/2026: Raise a glass to the iconic cocktail's sweet and tangy charm, with unique variations, special deals, and promotions. more >>

National Mimosa Day

May 16th

National Mimosa Day, 5/16/2025: Raise a glass to good times, friendship, and relaxation with champagne and orange juice. more >>

Guinness World Records Day

November 14th

Join Guinness World Records Day on 11/14/2024, where people attempt incredible feats, set new records, and raise money for charity, embracing individuality and having fun. more >>

Take a Chance Day

April 23rd

Take a Chance Day on 4/23/2025: Embrace uncertainty, challenge yourself, and discover new strengths and passions. more >>

National Ice Cream Soda Day

June 20th

National Ice Cream Soda Day, 6/20/2024: Indulge in a classic treat and discover unique flavor combinations on this sweet holiday. more >>

National Rum Day

August 16th

National Rum Day, August 16, 2024: Indulge in tropical vibes, rum-based cocktails, and the art of rum-making. more >>

National Cake Day

November 26th

National Cake Day, November 26, 2026: Indulge in the joy of cakes, honor cake-making, and show appreciation for talented bakers. more >>

National Cookie Exchange Day

December 22nd

National Cookie Exchange Day, December 22, 2025: Share homemade cookies with loved ones and spread holiday cheer! more >>

Superman Day

June 12th

Discover the truth behind Superman Day on June 12th, 2024. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

National Celebrate Your Marriage Day

June 29th

National Celebrate Your Marriage Day, June 29, 2024: Honor your love and commitment with romantic gestures and quality time together. more >>

National Smile Power Day

June 15th

National Smile Power Day, 6/15/2024: Spread joy and positivity with a simple yet powerful gesture - a genuine smile, creating a ripple effect of kindness and warmth. more >>

International Chardonnay Day

May 22nd

International Chardonnay Day, 5/22/2025: Discover the rich flavors and versatility of this iconic white wine. more >>

World Gin Day

June 8th

Join us on World Gin Day, June 8th, 2024, as we toast to the world's most beloved botanical brew, exploring its rich history and craft gin-making. more >>

Eat an Extra Dessert Day

September 4th

Indulge in your sweet tooth on Eat an Extra Dessert Day, September 4th, 2024. more >>

National Handbag Day

October 10th

National Handbag Day on 10/10/2024: Discover the importance of handbags in daily life, fashion tips, and more! more >>

National Vanilla Cupcake Day

November 10th

National Vanilla Cupcake Day on 11/10/2024: Indulge in fluffy, moist vanilla cupcakes, creative designs, and sweet treats! more >>

National Lollipop Day

July 20th

National Lollipop Day, 7/20/2024, indulge in classic treats, share with friends, and discover new flavors with special deals and discounts. more >>

National Spritz Day

August 1st

National Spritz Day on 8/1/2024: Raise a glass to Italy's iconic cocktail, Prosecco, Aperol, and lively atmosphere! more >>

American Circus Day

April 3rd

American Circus Day, 4/3/2026: Discover the magic of the circus arts in the US, with spectacular performances, behind-the-scenes tours, and interactive activities. more >>

Minnie Mouse's Birthday

November 18th

Minnie Mouse's Birthday, November 18, 2027: Join the joyful celebration honoring Minnie's iconic style, kindness, and playful spirit with themed treats, crafts, and parties. more >>

TV Talk Show Host Day

October 23rd

TV Talk Show Host Day, October 23, 2024: Join fans worldwide in honoring charismatic personalities who bring laughter, entertainment, and thought-provoking conversations to our screens. more >>

National Compliment Day

January 24th

National Compliment Day, 1/24/2025: Spread kindness and positivity by giving genuine compliments, boosting confidence and fostering a culture of gratitude and warmth. more >>

National Greeting Card Day

April 1st

National Greeting Card Day, 4/1/2025: Express gratitude, love, and appreciation through handwritten notes and beautifully designed cards, fostering deeper relationships and creating lasting memories. more >>

National Drink Beer Day

September 28th

National Drink Beer Day, 9/28/2024: Join fellow beer enthusiasts in toasting to the joy of beer, with new brews, old favorites, and beer-related stories. more >>

White Day

March 14th

White Day, 3/14/2025: Discover the romantic holiday where men shower their loved ones with affection and gifts, reciprocating the kindness received on Valentine's Day. more >>

World Bartender Day

February 24th

World Bartender Day, 2/24/2025: Honor the talented bartenders who bring joy to your favorite watering holes with special deals, discounts, and events! more >>

Friendship Day

August 4th

Friendship Day on 8/4/2024: Strengthen bonds, exchange gifts, and cherish friendships that bring love, laughter, and support. more >>

International Coffee Day

October 1st

International Coffee Day, October 1, 2024: Discover the rich flavors, aromas, and cultural significance of coffee, and learn how coffee lovers come together to share their passion. more >>

Mardi Gras

March 4th

Mardi Gras, March 4, 2025: Indulge in vibrant parades, music, and rich foods before the Lenten fast, with colorful floats, elaborate costumes, and lively marching bands. more >>

National Butterscotch Pudding Day

September 19th

National Butterscotch Pudding Day, 9/19/2025, indulge in rich, creamy, velvety goodness and share with friends and family. more >>

Singles Awareness Day

February 15th

Singles Awareness Day, 2/15/2025: A lighthearted holiday embracing independence, self-love, and freedom from romantic relationships. more >>

National Cherry Popsicle Day

August 26th

National Cherry Popsicle Day, 8/26/2024: Indulge in classic cherry-flavored popsicles and creative twists on a hot summer day. more >>

National Riesling Day

March 13th

National Riesling Day, 3/13/2025: Discover the wonders of Riesling, from citrusy notes to pairing perfection, and raise a glass to this iconic wine. more >>