Drink Holidays

Cheers to the perfect excuse to raise a glass and toast to good times with friends and family! These festive occasions are all about celebrating life's simple pleasures, sharing stories, and making unforgettable memories. Whether you're a wine connoisseur, beer aficionado, or cocktail enthusiast, these holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in your favorite drinks and merrymaking.

Top Drink Holidays:

National Drink Beer Day

September 28th

National Drink Beer Day, 9/28/2024: Join fellow beer enthusiasts in toasting to the joy of beer, with new brews, old favorites, and beer-related stories. more >>

International Coffee Day

October 1st

International Coffee Day, October 1, 2024: Discover the rich flavors, aromas, and cultural significance of coffee, and learn how coffee lovers come together to share their passion. more >>

National Iced Tea Day

June 10th

National Iced Tea Day, June 10, 2024: Join tea enthusiasts in embracing the simplicity and joy of a refreshing glass of iced tea on this laid-back summer holiday. more >>

National Have a Coke Day

May 8th

National Have a Coke Day on 5/8/2025: Indulge in the classic beverage, share with friends, and savor the nostalgia. more >>

National Daiquiri Day

July 19th

National Daiquiri Day, 7/19/2024: Raise a glass to the classic rum-based cocktail and its tropical vibes on this refreshing holiday! more >>

National Tequila Day

July 24th

National Tequila Day, 7/24/2024, discover the rich cultural heritage of tequila, savor Mexican cuisine, and toast to Mexico's iconic spirit. more >>

National Margarita Day

February 22nd

National Margarita Day, 2/22/2028: Join the festive celebration honoring the iconic cocktail, with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, and enjoy special deals, promotions, and live music. more >>

National Espresso Day

November 23rd

National Espresso Day, 11/23/2024: Discover the art of espresso-making, special promotions, and creative recipes on this energizing holiday. more >>

National Beer Day

April 7th

National Beer Day, April 7, 2025: Join beer enthusiasts in honoring the art of brewing and savoring a cold pint with special deals, discounts, and events. more >>

National Beverage Day

May 6th

National Beverage Day, 5/6/2025: Discover the joy of drinking with refreshing drinks, tastings, and fun games. more >>

National Latte Day

February 11th

National Latte Day, 2/11/2025: Indulge in rich, velvety lattes, special promotions, and limited-time flavors. more >>

National Wine Day

May 25th

National Wine Day on 5/25/2025: Join wine enthusiasts worldwide for wine tastings, pairings, and tours, exploring new varieties and sharing stories. more >>

National Martini Day

June 19th

National Martini Day, June 19th, 2024: Join martini enthusiasts in paying tribute to the iconic cocktail, exploring timeless classics and modern twists. more >>

National Gin and Tonic Day

April 9th

National Gin and Tonic Day, 4/9/2025: Discover the perfect blend of gin, tonic water, and garnishes in this refreshing and sophisticated cocktail. more >>

National Vodka Day

October 4th

National Vodka Day on 10/4/2024: Discover the art of vodka-making, explore flavors, and toast your favorite brands and cocktails. more >>

National Irish Coffee Day

January 25th

National Irish Coffee Day, 1/25/2025: Discover the perfect blend of whiskey, coffee, sugar, and whipped cream that has captured hearts worldwide. more >>

National Lager Day

December 10th

National Lager Day on 12/10/2024: Discover the rich history and cultural significance of lager, from classic pilsners to modern craft brews. more >>

National Mocha Day

September 29th

National Mocha Day, 9/29/2024, indulge in rich, velvety mocha treats and expertly crafted concoctions. more >>

National Sweet Tea Day

August 21st

National Sweet Tea Day, August 21, 2024. Discover the joy of sweet tea, its recipes, and memories shared by friends and family. more >>

National Mulled Wine Day

March 3rd

National Mulled Wine Day, 3/3/2025: Warm up with a steaming cup of mulled wine, infused with cinnamon, cloves, and citrus, and make unforgettable memories with friends and family. more >>

National Red Wine Day

October 15th

National Red Wine Day, October 15, 2024: Savor rich flavors and aromas with wine enthusiasts, featuring special tastings, tours, and events. more >>

National Cappuccino Day

November 8th

National Cappuccino Day, 11/8/2024: Indulge in rich espresso, steamed milk, and foam on this special day, with deals and discounts at coffee shops and cafes. more >>

National Drink Wine Day

February 18th

National Drink Wine Day, 2/18/2026: Join wine enthusiasts in appreciating rich flavors, aromas, and sharing love for wine. more >>

National Wine Tasting Day

November 2nd

National Wine Tasting Day, November 2, 2024: Indulge in rich flavors, aromas, and varieties of wine with special tastings, flights, and pairings. more >>

World Whisky Day

May 17th

World Whisky Day, May 17th, 2025: Discover the rich flavors, aromas, and craftsmanship of whisky as enthusiasts and newcomers unite to share their love for this iconic beverage. more >>

National Mojito Day

July 11th

National Mojito Day, 7/11/2024: Discover the refreshing world of this classic cocktail, its tropical vibes, and creative flavor combinations. more >>

World Cocktail Day

May 13th

Join us on World Cocktail Day, May 13th, 2028, as we toast to the art of mixology and the joy of sharing delicious drinks with friends and loved ones! more >>

National Prosecco Day

August 13th

National Prosecco Day, August 13, 2024: Join wine enthusiasts in toasting the crisp, fruity flavors and effervescent charm of Prosecco with friends and family. more >>

National Bartender Day

December 6th

National Bartender Day, December 6, 2024: Show appreciation for talented bartenders who mix joy and craft behind the bar. more >>

National Scotch Day

July 27th

National Scotch Day, July 27, 2024: Raise a glass to Scotland's national drink, rich flavors, and fine whisky-making. more >>

National Orange Juice Day

May 4th

National Orange Juice Day, May 4th, 2025. Discover the joy of freshly squeezed OJ and creative recipes on this festive occasion! more >>

International Gin and Tonic Day

October 19th

International Gin and Tonic Day on 10/19/2024: Join gin enthusiasts in toasting the classic cocktail's timeless charm and perfect blend of flavors. more >>

Open That Bottle Night

February 28th

Join Open That Bottle Night on 2/28/2026 and indulge in fine wine, share stories, and create unforgettable memories with loved ones. more >>

National Coffee Milkshake Day

July 26th

National Coffee Milkshake Day, 7/26/2026: Indulge in rich coffee and creamy milkshakes with special deals and creative concoctions. more >>

World Cider Day

June 3rd

World Cider Day, June 3, 2024: Discover the rich heritage and cultural significance of cider, from sweet to dry, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. more >>

International Merlot Day

November 7th

International Merlot Day, November 7, 2024: Discover the rich flavors and velvety smoothness of Merlot with wine enthusiasts and novices alike. more >>

National Fast Food Day

November 16th

National Fast Food Day, November 16, 2024: Indulge in quick, affordable, and guilty-pleasure meals on this special day! more >>

Beer Day Britain

June 15th

Beer Day Britain, 6/15/2024: Join the nation's favorite tipple enthusiasts for brewery tours, new beer tastings, and beer-themed events. more >>

National Whiskey Sour Day

August 25th

National Whiskey Sour Day, 8/25/2025: Discover the rich history and flavor of this classic cocktail, from its origins to creative twists. more >>

National Hot Toddy Day

January 11th

National Hot Toddy Day, 1/11/2025: Warm hearts and souls with a classic drink, rich in history and soothing qualities. more >>

Bartender Appreciation Day

December 6th

Bartender Appreciation Day, 12/6/2024: Show gratitude to hardworking bartenders with generous tips, heartfelt notes, and kind words, and discover special deals and promotions at participating bars and restaurants. more >>

National Port Wine Day

September 10th

National Port Wine Day, 9/10/2024: Indulge in rich, sweet port wine, paired with sweet treats, and discover unique characteristics of Ruby and Tawny varieties. more >>

Tropical Cocktails Day

June 26th

Tropical Cocktails Day on 6/26/2024: Discover the art of mixology and indulge in refreshing, fruity cocktails that evoke tropical getaways. more >>

National Cocktail Day

March 24th

National Cocktail Day, 3/24/2025: Discover creative cocktails, classic recipes, and innovative twists on this festive holiday. more >>

World Rum Day

July 13th

Join us on World Rum Day, July 13, 2024, as we explore the rich history and cultural significance of rum, from its Caribbean origins to modern-day variations. more >>

National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

November 19th

National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day, 11/19/2024: Discover the delightful combination of fizzy drinks and caffeine boosts, and learn about the rich history and cultural significance of carbonated beverages. more >>

National Moscow Mule Day

March 3rd

National Moscow Mule Day, 3/3/2025: Raise a mug to the iconic cocktail with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, and discover special deals and promotions. more >>

National Hot Tea Day

January 12th

National Hot Tea Day, January 12, 2025: Warm up with a steaming cup of comfort and discover your new favorite tea blend. more >>