Entertainment Holidays

Get ready to roll out the red carpet and let the good times roll! This category is all about celebrating the magic of movies, music, and more. Whether you're a film fanatic, a music lover, or a party animal, these special days are the perfect excuse to let loose and have a blast. From behind-the-scenes peeks to on-screen premieres, these holidays are the ultimate tribute to the world of entertainment. So, dive into the spotlight and get ready to shine with our fabulous selection of entertainment-themed holidays!

Top Entertainment Holidays:

Super Bowl

February 11th

Join friends and family for a fun-filled celebration of sports, socializing, and entertainment on Super Bowl Sunday, February 11, 2024. more >>

Star Wars Day

May 4th

Join us on May 4th, 2025, for Star Wars Day, a day of intergalactic fun, movie marathons, cosplay, and more, as fans come together to share their love for the iconic franchise. more >>

Walt Disney Day

December 2nd

Walt Disney Day: Learn why this holiday doesn't exist and discover Disney-related celebrations instead. more >>

Anime Day

April 15th

more >>

National Streaming Day

May 20th

National Streaming Day on 5/20/2025: Discover exclusive deals, binge-watch favorite shows, and enjoy endless entertainment possibilities. more >>

Movie Theatre Day

April 23rd

Discover the truth behind Movie Theatre Day on 4/23/2025. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

National Tailgating Day

September 7th

National Tailgating Day, 9/7/2024: Join friends and fans for a day of good food, great company, and exciting sports action in the great outdoors. more >>

Harlem Globetrotter's Day

January 7th

Harlem Globetrotter's Day - Learn why this day doesn't exist, despite the team's legendary entertainment. more >>

The Last of Us Day

September 26th

The Last of Us Day, 9/26/2024, join fans worldwide in honoring the beloved game's characters, storytelling, and themes through fan art, cosplay, and more. more >>

National Nail Polish Day

June 1st

National Nail Polish Day, June 1, 2024: Discover bold hues, nail art trends, and special deals on this colorful holiday! more >>

Global James Bond Day

October 5th

Global James Bond Day, October 5, 2024: Join fans worldwide in honoring Bond's style, sophistication, and daring adventures with themed parties, film marathons, and Bond-inspired treats. more >>

Golden Globe Awards

January 5th

The 77th Golden Globe Awards, January 5, 2025: A prestigious ceremony honoring excellence in film and television, featuring A-list stars and iconic golden statuettes. more >>

National Jukebox Day

November 25th

National Jukebox Day, November 25, 2026: Explore the rich history and cultural significance of jukeboxes, from vintage machines to modern digital versions, and discover how they bring people together. more >>

National Video Game Day

July 8th

National Video Game Day, 7/8/2024, join fellow gamers in marathon sessions, share memories, and explore the rich history of video games. more >>

National Pokemon Day

February 27th

National Pokemon Day, 2/27/2028, join fellow fans in a joyous celebration of iconic characters, games, and anime series. more >>

International Independent Video Store Day

October 19th

International Independent Video Store Day, 10/19/2024, discover the charm of independent video rental stores, special promotions, and community building. more >>

Liberace Day

February 4th

Liberace Day, 2/4/2025: Learn about the life and legacy of the flamboyant pianist, singer, and actor, but is there really a holiday dedicated to him? more >>

Reel Film Day

March 5th

Discover the truth about Reel Film Day on March 5, 2025. Is it a real holiday or a mistake? more >>

The Little Mermaid Day

November 17th

The Little Mermaid Day - November 17, 2024: Discover why this beloved fairy tale doesn't have a dedicated holiday. more >>

National Roller Coaster Day

August 16th

National Roller Coaster Day, 8/16/2024: Experience the rush of roller coasters, engineering feats, and excitement on this thrilling holiday! more >>

Global Movie Day

February 14th

Join us on Global Movie Day, February 14th, 2026, as film enthusiasts unite to share their love for cinema and discover new classics. more >>

Doctor Who Day

November 23rd

Join Whovians worldwide on 11/23/2024 for Doctor Who Day, a joyous tribute to the beloved Time Lord and his TARDIS, featuring viewing marathons, costume parties, and trivia contests. more >>

Spider-Man Day

August 1st

Join us on Spider-Man Day, August 1st, 2024, as fans come together to honor the iconic web-slinger's values of courage, kindness, and responsibility. more >>

National Movie Night

June 14th

National Movie Night, June 14th, 2024: Join families and friends for a cozy movie night, immersing yourself in favorite films and creating unforgettable memories. more >>

International Podcast Day

September 30th

International Podcast Day, 9/30/2024: Join the global community of podcast enthusiasts for special episodes, live events, and exclusive content. more >>

Super Bowl Sunday

February 9th

Join millions on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/9/2025, for a fun-filled day of football, food, friends, and spectacular halftime performances. more >>

Drive-in Movie Day

June 6th

Drive-in Movie Day on 6/6/2024: Relive nostalgic fun with a classic American pastime - watching movies from your car under the stars. more >>

National Solitaire Day

May 22nd

National Solitaire Day on 5/22/2025: Pay tribute to the classic card game that brings joy and relaxation. more >>

Games Day

December 20th

Games Day on 12/20/2024: Uncovering the Mystery of a Possibly Made-Up Holiday more >>

Viral Video Day

April 29th

Discover the truth behind Viral Video Day on April 29th, 2027. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

National Bowling Day

August 12th

National Bowling Day, 8/12/2028: Join the fun and excitement as bowling alleys offer deals, discounts, and events for all ages and skill levels. more >>

World Circus Day

April 19th

Join the global celebration of World Circus Day on 4/19/2025, honoring the rich history and cultural significance of the circus arts, with performances, workshops, and social causes. more >>

National Tap Dance Day

May 25th

National Tap Dance Day, May 25, 2025. Honor the rich history and cultural significance of tap dancing with legendary performers, workshops, and performances. more >>

National One-Hit Wonder Day

September 25th

National One-Hit Wonder Day, 9/25/2025: Discover the iconic songs and artists that have stood the test of time, and relive the nostalgia and joy they bring. more >>

National Alfred Hitchcock Day

March 12th

National Alfred Hitchcock Day, 3/12/2026. Honor the "Master of Suspense" with classic movies, quotes, and iconic filmmaking style. more >>

National Crossword Solvers Day

December 8th

National Crossword Solvers Day, 12/8/2024: Join enthusiasts of all skill levels for a day of puzzle-solving, tips, and camaraderie. more >>

National Family TV Show Day

October 3rd

National Family TV Show Day, October 3, 2024: Reconnect with loved ones over classic family-friendly shows and create new memories. more >>


June 7th

VCR Day, 6/7/2024: Relive the nostalgia of VHS tapes, rewind buttons, and Friday night movie rentals. more >>

Morning Show Hosts Day

September 27th

Morning Show Hosts Day, 9/27/2024: No information found, could be lesser-known or unofficial holiday. more >>

National Actors Day

September 8th

National Actors Day, 9/8/2024: Discover the truth behind this lesser-known holiday and explore related performing arts and theater celebrations. more >>

Garfield the Cat Day

June 19th

Garfield the Cat Day, June 19, 2024: Join fans in honoring the lovable, lazy, and sarcastic cartoon cat with favorite comic strips, TV episodes, and lasagna! more >>

International Jugglers Day

April 18th

International Jugglers Day, 4/18/2026, join enthusiasts worldwide for a fun-filled day of juggling, workshops, and performances, promoting the art of juggling and community spirit. more >>

National Disc Jockey Day

January 20th

National Disc Jockey Day, 1/20/2025, honoring dedicated radio personalities who bring music, news, and community engagement to our daily lives. more >>

National Short Film Day

December 28th

National Short Film Day, December 28, 2026: Discover the truth behind this lesser-known holiday and explore popular film-related events. more >>

Bugs Bunny Day

April 30th

more >>

National Twilight Zone Day

May 11th

National Twilight Zone Day, May 11, 2025: Join fans worldwide for a thought-provoking journey through Rod Serling's iconic series, exploring timeless themes and eerie atmosphere. more >>

National Horror Movie Day

October 23rd

National Horror Movie Day, October 23, 2024: Join thrill-seekers and film enthusiasts for a spine-tingling day of horror movie marathons, parties, and more. more >>

National Concert Day

May 5th

National Concert Day, 5/5/2025: Score exclusive deals on concert tickets, attend a show without breaking the bank, and enjoy special performances & experiences. more >>