Language Holidays

Discover the world through the power of language, where cultural connections are made and lifelong memories are forged. Our language-themed holidays take you on a journey to explore the nuances of communication, learn from the locals, and find common ground with people from all walks of life. Whether you're a language enthusiast, a culture vulture, or simply a curious traveler, our handpicked selection of getaways promises to enlighten, inspire, and delight. Browse our collection below to find your next linguistic adventure.

Top Language Holidays:

French Language Day

March 20th

French Language Day, 3/20/2024: Celebrate the beauty and cultural significance of the French language with language competitions, poetry recitals, and cultural events. more >>

National Dictionary Day

October 16th

National Dictionary Day, October 16, 2024: Explore the power of words and language, honoring lexicographers and the cultural significance of dictionaries. more >>

Thesaurus Day

January 18th

Thesaurus Day on 1/18/2026: Join linguaphiles in a joyous celebration of language, wordplay, and vocabulary. more >>

Big Word Day

April 21st

Discover the truth about Big Word Day on April 21, 2025. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

Speak in Complete Sentences Day

May 31st

more >>

Talk Like Shakespeare Day

April 23rd

Talk Like Shakespeare Day, 4/23/2025: Channel your inner Bard and indulge in Elizabethan English, adopting Shakespearean phrases, vocabulary, and mannerisms for a day of linguistic playfulness and creativity. more >>

World Portuguese Language Day

May 5th

World Portuguese Language Day, May 5, 2024: Discover the beauty of the Portuguese language and its rich cultural heritage through literary events, cuisine, music, and dance. more >>

International Mother Language Day

February 21st

International Mother Language Day, 2/21/2024: Celebrate linguistic diversity, promote cultural heritage, and appreciate the significance of mother tongues in shaping our identities. more >>

National Proofreading Day

March 8th

National Proofreading Day, 3/8/2025, recognize the importance of accuracy and attention to detail in written communication, promoting clear and effective messaging. more >>

Arabic Language Day

December 18th

Arabic Language Day, 12/18/2024: Discover the significance of Arabic in global communication, education, and cultural exchange. more >>

National Word Nerd Day

January 9th

National Word Nerd Day, 1/9/2028: Join bookworms and language lovers for word-based games, literary trivia, and a passion for words. more >>

Russian Language Day

June 6th

Russian Language Day, 6/6/2024: Discover the beauty of Russian literature, poetry, and music, and learn about the importance of the Russian language in shaping the country's identity and global connections. more >>

English Language Day

April 23rd

English Language Day on 4/23/2024: Explore the power of language to connect people and foster understanding across cultures. more >>

Wordsmith Day

May 3rd

Wordsmith Day, 5/3/2025: Join book lovers, writers, and linguists in honoring the art of words and language, exploring its power to shape our understanding of the world. more >>

Day of the Russian Language

June 6th

Day of the Russian Language, 6/6/2024: Discover the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of Russia through cultural events, poetry readings, and language competitions. more >>

International Day of Sign Languages

September 23rd

International Day of Sign Languages, September 23, 2024. Promote awareness and recognition of Deaf cultural identities, advocate for rights and inclusion, and break down barriers between Deaf and hearing communities. more >>

International Translation Day

September 30th

International Translation Day, 9/30/2024: Honor the vital role of translators and interpreters in bridging linguistic and cultural divides, facilitating global communication and cooperation. more >>

National Learn a Word Day

October 16th

National Learn a Word Day, 10/16/2024: Discover a new word, explore its meaning, and enhance your communication skills. more >>

German Language Day

September 13th

German Language Day, 9/13/2025: Explore the beauty and complexity of the German tongue, with language competitions, poetry readings, and cultural performances. more >>

National Punctuation Day

September 24th

National Punctuation Day, 9/24/2026: Learn the importance of punctuation marks in written language and how to improve your writing skills. more >>

World Spanish Language Day

April 23rd

World Spanish Language Day, 4/23/2024: Explore the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of Spanish, spoken by 460 million native speakers worldwide. more >>

European Day of Languages

September 26th

European Day of Languages, 9/26/2024: Explore linguistic diversity, cultural richness, and language exchange programs across Europe. more >>

International Tongue Twister Contest Day

February 28th

more >>

National Grammar Day

March 4th

National Grammar Day, March 4, 2025: Learn the power of proper language usage through games, quizzes, and expert tips. more >>


April 15th

ASL Day on 4/15/2025: Discover the beauty of American Sign Language and Deaf culture through performances, workshops, and connections with the community. more >>

Silly Sayings Day

October 13th

Silly Sayings Day, 10/13/2024: Create and share playful phrases, puns, and witty one-liners to bring laughter and community. more >>

International Plain Language Day

October 13th

International Plain Language Day, October 13, 2024: Break down barriers and empower informed decision-making with clear and concise communication. more >>

Spoonerism Day

July 22nd

Spoonerism Day, 7/22/2024: Embrace linguistic creativity and indulge in playful word twisting for a day of verbal silliness and joy. more >>

Limerick Day

May 12th

Limerick Day, 5/12/2025, a lighthearted celebration of humorous poetry, creativity, and wordplay. more >>

World Semicolon Day

April 16th

World Semicolon Day, 4/16/2025: Join the movement for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, sharing stories, support, and hope. more >>

International Tongue Twister Day

November 10th

International Tongue Twister Day, 11/10/2024: Challenge your linguistic skills and entertain others with clever tongue twisters, promoting language learning, cultural exchange, and social bonding. more >>

Talk in Third Person Day

March 3rd

Talk in Third Person Day, 3/3/2025: A quirky holiday where you're encouraged to refer to yourself in the third person, adding humor and whimsy to daily conversations. more >>

Clerihew Day

July 10th

Clerihew Day, 7/10/2028: Join the whimsical world of humorous poetry as people come together to create and share clever clerihews. more >>

Chinese Language Day

April 20th

Chinese Language Day, 4/20/2024, a joyous celebration of language's power to unite cultures, featuring language competitions, calligraphy, and cultural performances. more >>

Abet and Aid Punsters Day

November 8th

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Poem on Your Pillow Day

May 6th

Poem on Your Pillow Day, 5/6/2025: Surprise loved ones with a heartfelt poem or message on their pillow, spreading kindness and warmth. more >>