Leisure Holidays

Unwind and treat yourself to a break from the daily grind with our collection of leisurely celebrations, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating with loved ones. Whether you're looking to escape reality or simply take a load off, these special days are all about embracing the art of doing nothing. Get ready to kick back, put your feet up, and let the good times roll!

Top Leisure Holidays:

Hammock Day

July 22nd

Hammock Day, 7/22/2024: Relax, unwind, and indulge in the simple pleasure of lounging in a hammock with loved ones. more >>

Summer Leisure Day

July 22nd

Discover the truth about Summer Leisure Day on July 22nd, 2024. Could it be a lesser-known holiday or a myth? more >>

National Shop for Travel Day

January 14th

National Shop for Travel Day, 1/14/2025 - Discover exclusive deals, spark wanderlust, and turn travel dreams into reality! more >>

Recreation Day

November 4th

Discover the truth about Recreation Day on November 4th, 2024. Is it a local or lesser-known celebration? more >>

Movie Theatre Day

April 23rd

Discover the truth behind Movie Theatre Day on 4/23/2025. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

Super Bowl

February 11th

Join friends and family for a fun-filled celebration of sports, socializing, and entertainment on Super Bowl Sunday, February 11, 2024. more >>

National Tourism Day

May 7th

National Tourism Day, 5/7/2026: Explore new destinations, try new experiences, and discover the beauty of your own country with special deals and promotions. more >>

Drive Your Corvette to Work Day

June 28th

Drive Your Corvette to Work Day, 6/28/2024, join Corvette enthusiasts for a fun day of driving and sharing passion for the iconic American sports car. more >>

Take a Cruise Day

February 3rd

Take a Cruise Day, 2/3/2027: Embark on a thrilling adventure, relax, and indulge in unforgettable experiences on the world's oceans. more >>

National Movie Night

June 14th

National Movie Night, June 14th, 2024: Join families and friends for a cozy movie night, immersing yourself in favorite films and creating unforgettable memories. more >>

World Tourism Day

September 27th

World Tourism Day, September 27, 2024: Discover the impact of travel on local economies, cultural exchange, and environmental conservation. more >>

Drive-in Movie Day

June 6th

Drive-in Movie Day on 6/6/2024: Relive nostalgic fun with a classic American pastime - watching movies from your car under the stars. more >>

National Solitaire Day

May 22nd

National Solitaire Day on 5/22/2025: Pay tribute to the classic card game that brings joy and relaxation. more >>

National Bowling Day

August 12th

National Bowling Day, 8/12/2028: Join the fun and excitement as bowling alleys offer deals, discounts, and events for all ages and skill levels. more >>

National Kids Bowl Free Day

October 12th

National Kids Bowl Free Day: Free bowling games for kids on 10/12/2024, promoting fun, socialization, and physical activity. more >>

National Crossword Solvers Day

December 8th

National Crossword Solvers Day, 12/8/2024: Join enthusiasts of all skill levels for a day of puzzle-solving, tips, and camaraderie. more >>

Learn to Homebrew Day

November 2nd

Join us on Learn to Homebrew Day, November 2nd, 2024, as homebrew enthusiasts share knowledge, skills, and passion for brewing. Discover the art of homebrewing, ask questions, and tap into the community's camaraderie. more >>

National Miniature Golf Day

May 10th

National Miniature Golf Day on 5/10/2025: Enjoy a fun-filled day of whimsy and excitement with special deals, discounts, and themed events at local mini golf courses. more >>

National Hot Tub Day

March 28th

Relax and rejuvenate on National Hot Tub Day, March 28, 2026. Unwind with friends or solo, and indulge in self-care. more >>

National Tourist Appreciation Day

May 6th

National Tourist Appreciation Day, 5/6/2026: Discover the special deals, discounts, and cultural experiences that await you on this heartwarming tribute to tourism. more >>

Play Monopoly Day

November 19th

Play Monopoly Day on 11/19/2024: Gather friends and family for a fun-filled day of board game excitement, laughter, and connection. more >>

National Disc Golf Day

August 1st

National Disc Golf Day, August 1, 2026: Join enthusiasts for a fun-filled day of throwing, sharing, and showcasing skills in a natural setting. more >>

National Waterpark Day

July 28th

National Waterpark Day, July 28, 2024: Dive into the fun and excitement of waterparks, with special deals and unforgettable memories! more >>

National Pinball Day

August 1st

National Pinball Day, 8/1/2024: Join pinball enthusiasts for a fun-filled day of flipping, bumping, and scoring with vintage and modern machines, special deals, and events. more >>

National Beach Day

August 30th

National Beach Day on 8/30/2024: Appreciate the beauty of coastlines, enjoy outdoor activities, and connect with nature and communities. more >>

International Cribbage Day

February 10th

International Cribbage Day, 2/10/2025: Learn if this card game holiday exists and discover the game itself. more >>

National Road Trip Day

May 23rd

National Road Trip Day, 5/23/2025 - Embark on a thrilling adventure, reconnect with loved ones, and create unforgettable memories on the open road. more >>

National Tell a Joke Day

August 16th

National Tell a Joke Day on 8/16/2024: Share laughter and joy with friends, family, and strangers, and put a smile on someone's face! more >>

National Checkers Day

September 23rd

National Checkers Day, 9/23/2024: Join friends and family for a day of strategy, competition, and camaraderie, promoting socializing, critical thinking, and good sportsmanship. more >>

National Playing Card Collection Day

October 17th

National Playing Card Collection Day, 10/17/2024, discover rare decks, trade cards, and learn about playing card design's rich history and artistry. more >>

Swim a Lap Day

June 24th

Discover the truth behind "Swim a Lap Day" on June 24, 2024. Could it be a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

Champion Crab Races Day

February 17th

Discover the truth behind Champion Crab Races Day on 2/17/2025. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

World Whisky Day

May 17th

World Whisky Day, May 17th, 2025: Discover the rich flavors, aromas, and craftsmanship of whisky as enthusiasts and newcomers unite to share their love for this iconic beverage. more >>

National Swimming Pool Day

July 11th

National Swimming Pool Day, July 11, 2024: Dive into fun, friends, and water games on this special day! more >>

Beer Day Britain

June 15th

Beer Day Britain, 6/15/2024: Join the nation's favorite tipple enthusiasts for brewery tours, new beer tastings, and beer-themed events. more >>

National Card Playing Day

December 28th

National Card Playing Day, December 28, 2026: Join friends and fellow enthusiasts for a day of social card games, friendly competition, and fun. more >>

Wine Tourism Day

November 8th

Wine Tourism Day, November 8, 2025: Explore world-renowned wine regions, immerse in winemaking history, and savor fine vintages on a guided tour. more >>

National Brunch Day

September 15th

National Brunch Day, 9/15/2024: Indulge in a mid-morning feast of sweet and savory treats with friends and family. more >>

World Juggling Day

June 15th

Join jugglers worldwide on June 15, 2024, for World Juggling Day, a day of unity, creativity, and Guinness World Record attempts. more >>

Plan a Solo Vacation Day

March 1st

Plan a Solo Vacation Day on 3/1/2025: Take a break, recharge, and rediscover yourself on this special day dedicated to independence, self-care, and personal growth. more >>

World Play Your Ukulele Day

February 2nd

Join the global ukulele community on 2/2/2025 for World Play Your Ukulele Day, a joyful celebration of music-making and connection. more >>

National Dance Day

September 21st

National Dance Day on 9/21/2024: Embrace the joy of dance, connect with others, and get moving with this fun and accessible holiday! more >>

World Lindy Hop Day

May 26th

Join the global Lindy Hop community on 5/26/2025 as they honor the iconic dance style's rich cultural heritage with dance parties, workshops, and performances. more >>

Free Comic Book Day

May 3rd

Free Comic Book Day, 5/3/2025: Discover exclusive comics, characters, and storylines, and experience a fun-filled day of literacy, creativity, and community. more >>

Happy Hour Day

November 12th

Join us on Happy Hour Day, November 12th, 2024, for a day of laughter, stories, and delicious drinks with friends and colleagues. more >>

Fish Tank Floorshow Night

September 28th

more >>

Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day

October 6th

Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day, October 6, 2024: Uncover the mystery behind this lesser-known holiday and discover if it's a real celebration or just a myth. more >>

World Trick Shot Day

December 3rd

more >>