Love Holidays

Love is in the air, and we're celebrating with a collection of romantic getaways tailored to ignite the spark in your relationship. Whether you're looking to rekindle the flame, pop the question, or simply enjoy some quality time with your loved one, our love-themed holidays promise to make your heart skip a beat. From candlelit dinners to sunset strolls, we've curated a selection of swoon-worthy escapes that will leave you feeling loved, cherished, and pampered. Browse our romantic retreats below and get ready to fall head over heels.

Top Love Holidays:

Valentine's Day

February 14th

Valentine's Day, 2/14/2024: Celebrate love and affection with sweet treats, flowers, and heartfelt cards. more >>

Valentino Day

August 23rd

No holiday called "Valentino Day" exists, but learn about Valentine's Day on 8/23/2024, a joyous occasion honoring love and relationships. more >>

International Kissing Day

July 6th

International Kissing Day, July 6, 2024: Share romantic and affectionate gestures with loved ones, strengthening bonds and creating new memories. more >>

"I Love Lucy" Day

October 15th

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Sweetest Day

October 19th

Sweetest Day, October 19, 2024: Shower loved ones with sweet treats, gifts, and gestures of appreciation, a heartwarming way to show love and gratitude. more >>

National Kissing Day

June 22nd

National Kissing Day, June 22, 2024: Share sweet kisses with loved ones and spread love and happiness! more >>

Love Your Pet Day

February 20th

Love Your Pet Day, 2/20/2025: Shower your furry friends with love, care, and attention on this heartwarming holiday, honoring the special bond between humans and pets. more >>

National I Love You Day

October 14th

National I Love You Day, 10/14/2024: Express love and gratitude with sweet messages, surprise gifts, and romantic getaways. more >>

Couple Appreciation Day

May 1st

Couple Appreciation Day, 5/1/2025: Honor your love and commitment with heartfelt gifts, love letters, and romantic gestures. more >>

National Couple's Day

August 18th

National Couple's Day, 8/18/2024: Honor the love and commitment between romantic partners with affection, gifts, and quality time. more >>

National Singles Day

September 21st

National Singles Day, 9/21/2024: Embrace independence, self-love, and personal growth on this special day dedicated to solo living. more >>

Kiss Day

February 13th

Kiss Day on 2/13/2025: A day to express love, gratitude, and appreciation through tender moments and sweet gestures. more >>

I Love Reese's Day

May 18th

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National Hugging Day

January 21st

National Hugging Day, January 21, 2025: Spread love and kindness by embracing others and releasing oxytocin, the "love hormone", promoting happiness and well-being. more >>

Red Rose Day

June 12th

Discover the truth about Red Rose Day on June 12th, 2024. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

National Boyfriend Day

October 3rd

National Boyfriend Day, October 3, 2024: Show your boyfriend love, gratitude, and affection with thoughtful gestures and quality time. more >>

National I Care About You Day

October 25th

National I Care About You Day, 10/25/2024: Show appreciation, gratitude, and kindness to loved ones, friends, and strangers through small acts of love and compassion. more >>

National Marriage Day

June 14th

National Marriage Day, June 14, 2024: Honor the sacred bond between loving individuals, recognize marriage's benefits, and cherish relationships. more >>

Teddy Day

February 10th

Honoring the beloved teddy bear, Teddy Day is a heartwarming celebration on 2/10/2025, showering them with love and attention. more >>

Hug Your Sweetheart Day

August 23rd

Hug Your Sweetheart Day (8/23/2024): Show affection, gratitude, and strengthen bonds with loved ones through hugs, gifts, and quality time. more >>

Mother's Day

March 10th

Mother's Day, 3/10/2024 - Celebrate the selfless love and dedication of mothers everywhere with thoughtful gifts, delicious meals, and quality time. more >>

Proposal Day!

September 22nd

Proposal Day! Mark your calendars for 9/22/2024, as couples plan intimate proposals filled with love, hope, and promise. more >>

Cuddle Up Day

January 6th

Cuddle Up Day, January 6, 2025: Snuggle up with loved ones and spread love through hugs, cuddles, and quality time. more >>

Online Romance Day

May 14th

Online Romance Day, 5/14/2026, discover the power of technology in modern love stories and relationships. more >>

Loving Day

June 12th

Loving Day, June 12, 2024: Honoring the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage, commemorating the Lovings' courage and perseverance. more >>

Global Love Day

May 1st

Join us on Global Love Day, May 1st, 2025, as we spread love, kindness, and compassion, and discover the profound impact of small acts of love. more >>

Hug Day

February 12th

Hug Day, 2/12/2025: Spread love, comfort, and joy with warm hugs, fostering community and human connection. more >>

Cuddly Kitten Day

March 23rd

Cuddly Kitten Day, 3/23/2025: A heartwarming tribute to kittens' unconditional love and companionship, highlighting adoption and playtime. more >>

Moth-er Day

March 14th

more >>

National Wedding Ring Day

February 3rd

National Wedding Ring Day, February 3, 2027. Honor the symbol of eternal love and commitment with a special cleaning, polishing, or surprise gift for your partner. more >>

National Kiss Your Mate Day

April 28th

National Kiss Your Mate Day, 4/28/2025: Rekindle romance, strengthen bonds, and create sweet memories with a tender kiss that speaks a thousand words. more >>

Share a Hug Day

July 30th

On Share a Hug Day, July 30, 2024, spread love and kindness through hugs, fostering connection and community, and making the world a more loving place. more >>

Black Love Day

February 13th

Black Love Day, 2/13/2025: Honor the beauty of Black relationships, families, and friendships while promoting unity, love, and collective upliftment. more >>

National Love is Kind Day

July 27th

National Love is Kind Day, 7/27/2026: Spread kindness, compassion, and love by performing small acts, cultivating community, and creating a ripple effect of love and compassion. more >>

International Celebrate Bisexuality Day

September 23rd

International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, 9/23/2024: Recognize and honor the bisexual community, promoting visibility, acceptance, and inclusivity. more >>

National Feel the Love Day

September 7th

National Feel the Love Day, 9/7/2024: Spread love, kindness, and positivity by showing appreciation and gratitude to loved ones, friends, and strangers, fostering a sense of community and warmth. more >>

Mothering Sunday

March 30th

Mothering Sunday, 3/30/2025: A heartwarming holiday honoring mothers and mother figures with love, appreciation, and gratitude. more >>

Commitment Day

January 1st

Commitment Day, January 1st, 2025: Reaffirm your love and dedication to one another, and make new commitments for a stronger bond. more >>

Kiss Me Day

August 27th

Kiss Me Day, 8/27/2024: Spread love, joy, and positivity by sharing kisses with loved ones, breaking down barriers and fostering community. more >>

National Love Your Hair Day

October 10th

National Love Your Hair Day, 10/10/2024: Embrace your natural hair texture and style, ditch societal beauty standards, and promote body positivity and self-esteem. more >>

I Love Yarn Day

October 19th

I Love Yarn Day on 10/19/2024: Join yarn enthusiasts worldwide in a day of knitting, crocheting, and sharing handmade creations. more >>

National Freedom to Marry Day

February 12th

National Freedom to Marry Day, 2/12/2025: Recognize the importance of marriage equality and the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ rights. more >>

National Love your Produce Manager Day

April 2nd

National Love Your Produce Manager Day, 4/2/2025: Recognize the hardworking individuals who bring fresh produce to your table and make a difference in your daily life. more >>

Parents' Day

July 28th

Parents' Day, 7/28/2024: Honor the selfless love and dedication of parents everywhere with thoughtful gestures and heartfelt expressions of thanks. more >>

National Rose Day

June 8th

National Rose Day, June 8th, 2024: Join wine enthusiasts in toasting the charm of pink-hued wine with tastings, tours, and outdoor gatherings. more >>

National "I Love Honey" Day

December 18th

National "I Love Honey" Day, December 18, 2024: Indulge in honey's rich flavor, aroma, and health benefits while learning about beekeeping and honey's cultural significance. more >>

Satisfied Staying Single Day

February 11th

Satisfied Staying Single Day, 2/11/2025: Embrace independence, self-care, and personal growth on this joyous celebration of singleness. more >>

National Wedding Planning Day

March 1st

National Wedding Planning Day, 3/1/2025: Plan your dream wedding with exclusive deals and discounts, and make your big day truly unforgettable. more >>