Pets Holidays

Furry friends bring joy and companionship to our lives, and this paw-some collection of celebrations is dedicated to our beloved Pets. From cuddly critters to loyal companions, these special days honor the unconditional love and friendship that only our Pets can provide. Paws crossed you'll find something to make you howl with delight!

Top Pets Holidays:

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14th

National Dress Up Your Pet Day, 1/14/2025 - Get creative and dress up your furry friend in adorable costumes, showcasing their unique personality and style! more >>

National Pets for Veterans Day

October 21st

National Pets for Veterans Day (10/21/2025) - Discover how furry friends bring joy, comfort, and healing to our nation's heroes. more >>

National Specially-abled Pets Day

May 3rd

National Specially-abled Pets Day, 5/3/2025: Recognize the extraordinary love and care for pets with special needs, promoting inclusivity and compassion. more >>

Pet Owners Independence Day

April 18th

Pet Owners Independence Day on 4/18/2025: Learn if this holiday exists and what it's all about! more >>

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

April 30th

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, 4/30/2025: Learn how adopting a pet from a shelter can save a life and open up a space for another animal in need. more >>

National Fetch Day

October 19th

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National Go Cook For Your Pets Day

November 1st

National Go Cook For Your Pets Day, 11/1/2024: Strengthen your bond with your furry friend by cooking a healthy, homemade meal. more >>

National Spoil Your Dog Day

August 10th

National Spoil Your Dog Day, August 10, 2026: Treat your furry friend to a day of pampering, gourmet meals, and playtime activities that strengthen the bond between humans and their loyal companions. more >>

Global Cat Day

October 16th

Global Cat Day, October 16, 2024: Join cat enthusiasts worldwide in honoring feline friends, raising awareness for cat welfare, and showering them with love and attention. more >>

Hug your Cat Day

June 4th

Hug Your Cat Day (6/4/2024): Show your feline friends extra love and affection on this special day, honoring the unique bond between humans and cats. more >>

National Purebred Dog Day

May 1st

National Purebred Dog Day, 5/1/2025: Learn about the unique characteristics, diversity, and heritage of purebred dogs, and discover the benefits of responsible pet ownership. more >>

National Dog Day

August 26th

National Dog Day, August 26, 2024, honoring the special bond between humans and dogs, with a focus on adoption, rescue, and welfare. more >>

Respect Your Cat Day

March 28th

Honoring the majesty and companionship of felines on Respect Your Cat Day, 3/28/2026. more >>

Walking the Dog Day

February 22nd

Walking the Dog Day, 2/22/2028: Join dog owners and enthusiasts for a fun day of walks, bonding, and raising awareness for responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. more >>

National Pet Day

April 11th

National Pet Day, April 11, 2026: Honor the special bond between humans and pets, showering love, attention, and gratitude on our furry friends. more >>

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

July 16th

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day, 7/16/2024: Learn how to shower your furry friends with love, attention, and treats, while promoting responsible pet ownership and raising awareness for guinea pig welfare. more >>

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

August 22nd

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day (8/22/2024): Prioritize your cat's health with a vet check-up, vaccinations, and addressing potential issues for a happy, healthy life. more >>

Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 21st

Bring your furry friend to the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day (6/21/2024) and experience the joy and importance of animal welfare. more >>

National Twin With Your Dog Day

December 1st

National Twin With Your Dog Day, 12/1/2027: Dress up with your furry friend and strengthen your bond, creating adorable and hilarious pairings. more >>

Love Your Pet Day

February 20th

Love Your Pet Day, 2/20/2025: Shower your furry friends with love, care, and attention on this heartwarming holiday, honoring the special bond between humans and pets. more >>

National Mutt Day

December 2nd

National Mutt Day on 12/2/2024: Learn about the joy and companionship of mixed-breed dogs and the importance of adopting rescue dogs. more >>

National Hug your Hound Day

September 8th

National Hug Your Hound Day, 9/8/2024: Show love and appreciation to your loyal canine companions. more >>

All American Pet Photo Day

July 11th

All American Pet Photo Day (7/11/2024): Capture heartwarming moments with your furry friends, showcasing love, loyalty, and companionship. more >>

National Kids and Pets Day

April 26th

National Kids and Pets Day, 4/26/2025, a heartwarming day of kindness, compassion, and responsibility between kids and their furry friends. more >>

National Make a Dog's Day

October 22nd

National Make a Dog's Day, 10/22/2026. Show your furry friend love and appreciation with treats, toys, and quality time, strengthening the bond between humans and dogs. more >>

The National Dog Show

November 28th

Join us at The National Dog Show on 11/28/2024, featuring over 200 breeds, judges' evaluations, and a joyous celebration of the human-animal bond. more >>

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day

November 1st

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day, November 1, 2024: Honoring the unsung heroes who keep our furry friends clean, comfortable, and healthy. more >>

National Pet Fire Safety Day

July 15th

National Pet Fire Safety Day (7/15/2024): Learn simple ways to prevent home fires and keep your pets safe with a fire escape plan and basic obedience commands. more >>

National Boston Terrier Day

February 19th

National Boston Terrier Day, 2/19/2025: Learn about the lovable breed, share stories, and raise awareness for responsible pet ownership. more >>

Safety Pup Day

February 12th

more >>

National Holistic Pet Day

August 30th

National Holistic Pet Day, 8/30/2024: Explore alternative therapies and treatments for a balanced and natural approach to pet health and wellbeing. more >>

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 9th

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (10/9/2024) sheds light on the growing concern of pet obesity, its risks, and encourages proactive steps for a healthy pet lifestyle. more >>

Don't Walk Your Dog Day

April 2nd

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National Hairball Awareness Day

April 25th

National Hairball Awareness Day, 4/25/2025: Learn about the common issue of hairballs in cats and dogs, signs, symptoms, and preventative measures to promote pet health and well-being. more >>

International Golden Retriever Day

February 3rd

International Golden Retriever Day, 2/3/2027: Honor the friendly, loyal nature of Golden Retrievers and learn about responsible pet ownership. more >>

World Geoffroy's Cat Day

January 28th

Discover the truth about World Geoffroy's Cat Day on January 28, 2028. Is it a real holiday or a mistake? more >>

National Dog Dad Day

June 15th

National Dog Dad Day, June 15, 2024: Honoring the special bond between dads and their furry friends with love, care, and devotion. more >>

Pet Theft Awareness Day

February 14th

Pet Theft Awareness Day, 2/14/2025: Learn how to protect your furry friends from theft, share stories, and support victims of pet theft. more >>

Pet Remembrance Day

July 5th

Pet Remembrance Day, 7/5/2025, honors cherished memories of beloved pets who brought joy, comfort, and companionship to our lives. more >>

National Black Dog Day

October 1st

National Black Dog Day, October 1, 2024: Learn how to give a loving home to a beautiful, often-overlooked black dog. more >>

Seeing Eye Dog Day

January 29th

Honoring the incredible bond between individuals with vision loss and their loyal guide dogs on Seeing Eye Dog Day, January 29, 2025. more >>

National If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 3rd

National If Pets Had Thumbs Day, 3/3/2025 - Discover the delightful thought experiment of what our pets would do if they had thumbs. more >>

Don't Step On A Bee Day

July 10th

more >>

Odie Day

August 8th

Discover the mystery of Odie Day on August 8th, 2025. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

September 21st

Puppy Mill Awareness Day, 9/21/2024, expose the harsh realities of puppy mills and promote adoption from shelters and responsible breeding practices. more >>

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

April 21st

more >>

National Dog Photography Day

July 26th

National Dog Photography Day on 7/26/2025: Capture the unique personalities of your furry friends and preserve precious memories. more >>

National Puppy Mill Survivor Day

September 30th

National Puppy Mill Survivor Day, 9/30/2024: Learn about the heartwarming stories of dogs rescued from inhumane puppy mills and the efforts to promote adoption and responsible breeding practices. more >>