Summer Holidays

The sun is shining, the days are long, and the good times are rolling! These sun-kissed holidays are all about embracing the carefree spirit of the season, making waves, and creating unforgettable experiences. From beachside adventures to outdoor escapes, these holidays are the perfect time to soak up the fun and make the most of the warmest months.

Top Summer Holidays:

The First Day of Summer

June 20th

The First Day of Summer, June 20th, 2024: Kick off the sunniest season with outdoor festivities, picnics, and blooming flowers. more >>

Summer Solstice

June 20th

Summer Solstice, 6/20/2024: Witness the longest day of the year, marked by renewal, growth, and radiant energy. more >>

June Solstice

June 20th

Marking the longest day of the year, the June Solstice on 6/20/2024 is a joyous celebration of warmth, light, and nature's beauty. more >>

National Beach Day

August 30th

National Beach Day on 8/30/2024: Appreciate the beauty of coastlines, enjoy outdoor activities, and connect with nature and communities. more >>

National Bomb Pop Day

June 27th

National Bomb Pop Day, June 27, 2024, indulge in refreshing tri-colored ice pops and nostalgic summer memories. more >>

National Soft Ice Cream Day

August 19th

National Soft Ice Cream Day, August 19, 2024: Indulge in creamy, dreamy soft-serve ice cream and savor the sweet treats! more >>

National Roller Coaster Day

August 16th

National Roller Coaster Day, 8/16/2024: Experience the rush of roller coasters, engineering feats, and excitement on this thrilling holiday! more >>

National Kool-Aid Day

August 16th

National Kool-Aid Day, August 16, 2024: Join the fun and nostalgia of summertime with colorful drinks, treats, and community spirit. more >>

National Picnic Day

April 23rd

Join friends and family on National Picnic Day, April 23, 2025, for a relaxing day of outdoor feasting and fun. more >>

Summer Bank Holiday

August 26th

Summer Bank Holiday on 8/26/2024: Unwind with loved ones, enjoy outdoor activities, and recharge in the peak of summer. more >>

National Watermelon Day

August 3rd

National Watermelon Day, August 3, 2025: Discover the sweet taste and health benefits of watermelon, perfect for hot summer days. more >>

Great American Picnic Day

June 29th

Join the Great American Picnic Day on 6/29/2024 for a joyous celebration of food, family, and the great outdoors! more >>

National Creamsicle Day

August 14th

National Creamsicle Day, August 14, 2024. Indulge in the classic summer treat and savor nostalgic childhood memories. more >>

The Longest Day

June 20th

The Longest Day, 6/20/2024: Join ancient traditions and revel in the sun's radiant energy as cultures gather to honor its life-giving power. more >>

Bikini Day

July 5th

Bikini Day, 7/5/2025: Embrace summer fun, beach trips, and outdoor adventures with friends and family, featuring picnics, barbecues, and bikini-themed parties. more >>

National Swimming Pool Day

July 11th

National Swimming Pool Day, July 11, 2024: Dive into fun, friends, and water games on this special day! more >>

National Miniature Golf Day

May 10th

National Miniature Golf Day on 5/10/2025: Enjoy a fun-filled day of whimsy and excitement with special deals, discounts, and themed events at local mini golf courses. more >>

National Smoothie Day

June 20th

National Smoothie Day, 6/20/2024: Indulge in unique flavor combinations, share creations, and enjoy special deals at smoothie shops and cafes. more >>

National Barbecued Spareribs Day

July 4th

National Barbecued Spareribs Day on 7/4/2024: Savor the tender, tangy delight of slow-cooked spareribs with friends and family at backyard barbecues and outdoor gatherings. more >>

National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors' Porch Day

August 8th

National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors' Porch Day, August 8, 2025: Spread joy and share the bounty with a surprise gift of fresh zucchini on your neighbor's porch. more >>

National Chicken Wing Day

July 29th

National Chicken Wing Day, July 29, 2024: Indulge in crispy, juicy, and flavorful wings with friends and family, and discover the perfect sauce for your taste buds. more >>

National Cheese Pizza Day

September 5th

National Cheese Pizza Day, 9/5/2024: Indulge in melted, gooey goodness with friends and family, with special deals and discounts! more >>

Hammock Day

July 22nd

Hammock Day, 7/22/2024: Relax, unwind, and indulge in the simple pleasure of lounging in a hammock with loved ones. more >>

National Cheeseburger Day

September 18th

National Cheeseburger Day, September 18, 2024: Indulge in juicy patties, melted cheese, and crispy buns with friends and family. more >>

National Pina Colada Day

July 10th

National Pina Colada Day, 7/10/2028 - Indulge in tropical flavors and laid-back vibes with special deals, discounts, and DIY creations. more >>

Summer Leisure Day

July 22nd

Discover the truth about Summer Leisure Day on July 22nd, 2024. Could it be a lesser-known holiday or a myth? more >>

Lemonade Day

May 4th

Lemonade Day, 5/4/2025: Empower kids to think creatively, develop life skills, and make a profit with their own mini-businesses. more >>

National Barbecue Day

July 4th

National Barbecue Day, 7/4/2024, savor slow-cooked meats, good company, and outdoor cooking joy. more >>

National French Fry Day

July 13th

National French Fry Day, July 13, 2024: Indulge in crispy, golden treats and savor the tasty goodness with special deals and discounts! more >>

Sunglasses Day

June 27th

Protect your eyes in style on Sunglasses Day, June 27, 2024, and learn about the dangers of UV radiation. more >>

National Juice Slush Day

May 21st

National Juice Slush Day, 5/21/2025: Beat the heat with refreshing frozen drinks and sweet treats! more >>

Free Slurpee Day

July 11th

Free Slurpee Day on 7/11/2024: Get a free small Slurpee at 7-Eleven and beat the heat with friends and family. more >>

Beach Party Day

August 7th

Beach Party Day on 8/7/2024: Learn if this unofficial holiday is a real celebration or a myth, and discover summer-themed activities to make your day a splash! more >>

National Iced Tea Day

June 10th

National Iced Tea Day, June 10, 2024: Join tea enthusiasts in embracing the simplicity and joy of a refreshing glass of iced tea on this laid-back summer holiday. more >>

National Go Barefoot Day

June 1st

National Go Barefoot Day, 6/1/2024: Experience the freedom and joy of going barefoot, reconnecting with nature and yourself. more >>

Don't Fry Day

May 23rd

Don't Fry Day, 5/23/2025, learn sun-safety tips to protect your skin and health from skin cancer and premature aging. more >>

Ice Cream Day

December 13th

Indulge in the sweetest holiday of the year, Ice Cream Day, on December 13, 2024, with special deals, unique flavors, and sundaes to share with friends and family. more >>

National Beef Burger Day

May 28th

National Beef Burger Day, 5/28/2025, indulge in juicy burgers, special deals, and quality time with friends and family. more >>

Play in the Sand Day

August 11th

Discover the truth about Play in the Sand Day on August 11, 2025. Is it a real holiday or just a myth? more >>

National Hot Dog Day

July 17th

National Hot Dog Day, 7/17/2024: Indulge in tasty hot dogs, special deals, and fun events with fellow enthusiasts. more >>

National Waterpark Day

July 28th

National Waterpark Day, July 28, 2024: Dive into the fun and excitement of waterparks, with special deals and unforgettable memories! more >>

National Freezer Pop Day

July 8th

National Freezer Pop Day, July 8, 2024: Indulge in nostalgic, colorful treats and beat the heat with classic and unique flavors. more >>

National Hamburger Day

July 28th

National Hamburger Day, July 28, 2024, indulge in patty-based creations, classic to gourmet, and get creative with your burger game! more >>

National Grape Popsicle Day

May 27th

National Grape Popsicle Day, 5/27/2026, indulge in sweet and tangy treats, nostalgic fun for all ages. more >>

National Blueberry Popsicle Day

September 2nd

National Blueberry Popsicle Day on 9/2/2024: Indulge in refreshing blueberry popsicles, share recipes, and beat the heat! more >>

National Learn to Swim Day

May 17th

National Learn to Swim Day, 5/17/2025, learn water safety, overcome fears, and develop a lifelong skill with free or low-cost swimming lessons. more >>

National Rocky Road Day

June 2nd

National Rocky Road Day, 6/2/2024: Indulge in classic American dessert with chocolate, marshmallows, nuts & more! more >>

National Sunflower Day

August 1st

National Sunflower Day, August 1, 2026: Discover the joy and symbolism behind these vibrant flowers, and learn how to spread positivity and warmth on this special day. more >>